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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Given my condition (haha), 'they say' that I should be avoiding stress and learning to chill out a bit more.  Not easy seeing as I am a ball of worry - I worry about not having anything to worry about, I'm that bad.

I don't think I'm doing well so far:
1) best friend emigrated to Canadia* on Saturday.  Cue dinner for two on Thursday with me having to tell her about my 'situation' to avoid her getting her getting het up about me not drinking.  This culminated in the pair of us in floods of tears on the sofa at 1am with hubby trying to be supportive, yet invisible.  Also resulting in her feeling even more guilty about leaving me when I needed her most.
2) we put the flat on the market on Saturday.  And we've agreed to pay the estate agent more money than I could ever imagine feasible.
3) there is talk of redundancy at work - we're being sold YET AGAIN and who knows what the new mummy and daddy will do with us.
4) Husb and I worked out the finances with a bigger mortgage and me on maternity pay.  It works - just.  So long as we don't want any of those little luxuries - you know, like food and heating.
5) Dad got told he's being made redundant today.  He, however, is doing backflips and can't bloomin' wait.  Lucky sod.

I will definitely be putting the lottery subscription in as 'essential' costs in our budget....

* If the inhabitants of Canada are called Canadians then the country should be called Canadia

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