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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


God this is hard!

I thought it would be quite easy to keep my news to myself and not be rumbled but it's getting more difficult rather than easier.  We have so many 'engagements' in the next week or so and there are so many times that our friends will believe that I just wanted to drive  (I know it's hard to believe but I do drive quite a lot so that's not so far fetched but I have a feeling that me driving to the 40th birthday party next week that is only a 10 minute bus ride from our house might be pushing the realms of credibility).

Some friends know that we had been having difficulty conceiving and to those people I can still use the whole ' trying to lay off the booze to increase our chances' ruse but to the rest, I'm almost out of excuses.  I haven't used the antibiotics one yet, but I'm saving that for a bit.  You never know when you need something like that up your sleeve.

It's getting trickier too as I'm starting to get 'symptoms'  - I say that in a tongue-in-cheek way as obviously being pregnant is not an illness. 
I've been so smug as I've not been feeling sick or tired or anything (although I have had a worrying cramping down one side that now seems to have gone away - thank goodness), until yesterday.
I sat at my desk at work at 3pm and could not keep my eyes open.  I had to fake illness to go home where I lay on the sofa and slept til Hubby came home at 7pm.  I just about managed to make dinner while he went to the supermarket (believe me, i could not be trusted in a car last night) and then dozed all evening...until he decided to snack on rice cakes... who knew those things SMELL SO BAD!!!  I usually love rice cakes but oh god...i could smell them as he opened the packet in the kitchen.  Gross.  Clearly my heightened sense of smell has now kicked in too.

Then I had to fight back  the nausea that the toothpaste induced this morning.  Brilliant, now personal hygiene is being affected!

Tonight we're going to a friends for dinner and she's making Indian ...

Wish me luck - I've got another 6 weeks of this!

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  1. Hehe. I didn't tell most people until after 20 weeks along.

    You've got so much more to come, just you wait and see.