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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

the same...but different.

When i got married I did all the usual things of joining wedding sites and forums where I quickly discovered that most bride-to-bes are completely mental.

Seriously, proper, MENTAL.   I'm amazed that most weddings even take place as if I planned to marry someone as barking as these women I would soon get cold feet and do a runner.

Undeterred, I have joined Babycentre to find out all about 'my little bundle of joy' (yep, you have to call your growing baby something pretty vomit-inducing, as if the usual nausea wasn't enough....!).  The informative stuff is brilliant.  The experts tell you enough to let you know what to expect and how to deal with everything but without scaremongering.  We all know that being pregnant doesn't always end with a beautiful baby (or even a pretty ugly one) unfortunately and one should be prepared for that.  Reality sucks but it is a fact of life.

Babycentre, naturally, has the usual forums and community boards.  It seems that all the afore-mentioned women from the wedding sites are back and this time they have surging hormones.  And husbands who are total arseholes.  So, now I'm confused.  How do this many mental women get husbands and then try to reproduce even though their husbands have morphed into neanderthals?

Not my problem. 

I may just have to stick to the 'informative and factual' part of Babycentre and leave the loonies to their own chatter.  Life really is too short for all that.

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