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A first time mum at 39, trying not to let my son kill me off too soon. Busy juggling a new family, a new house and a tricky recording schedule I figured blogging would be less expensive than therapy and less embarrassing than shouting at rude and stupid people in the street/on trains/at the supermarket.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Who are you and what have you done with my wife?

Those words were uttered by Husb on Sunday evening when I sat on the sofa close to tears and declared
"I'm so BORED of eating!".

Anyone who knows me that I do not get bored of eating.  Ever.

The problem is, I got smug.  I got too smug regarding the lack of nausea and sickness during my pregnancy so far.  You may have gathered from previous posts that it did start but it wasn't so bad.  I'll be honest, (and forgive me for too much information) but I haven't actually been sick, I just feel it.  A lot.
Basically, I have deduced that if I don't eat approximately every three hours, then I feel so awful that I think I might die.

On Sunday we had a ridiculously enormous dinner with my family to celebrate 3 birthdays.  I knew when we got home around 7pm that I would not need to eat until breakfast.  That is, until it got to around 9.30pm and the nausea kicked in again.  I could not get off the sofa to even go to bed without having to clamp a hand over my mouth just in case.  It was at this point I made my declaration.

The same thing happened yesterday lunchtime.  I knew I was sailing close to my 3 hour deadline but decided to risk going out to get a sandwich in M&S.  Big Mistake.  I had to dash out, again with hand clamped over my mouth and back into the office. (it's fine to throw up in the office but not in Kensington M&S.  It's just not done.)

Whilst my colleagues have seemingly not noticed my burgeoning, ever-expanding chest, they must have noticed that I'm eating constantly at my desk.  They must have noticed the 7lbs that have already clung to my tummy and bum.  For someone who is always on a diet, it must look odd.

I cannot wait til next week when, hopefully, I can come clean.  Scan on Saturday.  Fingers crossed....

Monday, 3 October 2011

Have some respect.

TOWIE'S LAUREN 'I've aborted Mark's baby'

Lovely.  I'm sure we all feel much better knowing that. 

That headline greeted me at the cashdesk in Boots and it actually made me feel a little sick.  Don't misunderstand me, I'm not one of those militant pro-lifers who go around torching abortion clinics, I'm very much pro-choice.  I don't believe there should be legislation to decide whether a woman should have a baby or not - it is a personal choice and, on the whole, one that most women will make after a great deal of thought.

If I had been in a position where I had to make that decision (for whatever reason), I'm not sure that I would want to publicise it to the whole world and it's certainly not one that I would have wanted emblazoned in such a sensational way on the front of popular glossy.  I'm sure I'm not alone.

I've never watched The Only Way is Essex.  I have no idea who Lauren and Mark are, if they are still together or if they wish to scratch each other's eyes out.  I do know that after seeing this, I have no desire to start watching.  I also don't know if the article is a sensitive, sorry tale or actually rather vulgar and full of hate towards Mark - from the headline next to a smiling photo of someone I presume is Lauren, I would think it was the latter. It doesn't make me want to buy the magazine, it makes me think rather badly of the editorial team.

I have no ill-feelings towards Lauren for terminating her pregnancy, but I have nothing but disgust and disdain towards her for choosing to profit from it in this manner. 

Have some respect for yourself woman.  If you don't, then please don't expect anyone else to.