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Friday, 9 March 2012

Recent discoveries....

- After a recent trip to a country hotel in Oxfordshire, it’s been discovered that I don’t snore in Oxford.  Husb would like to move me into said hotel for the remainder of my pregnancy, it’s the best sleep he’s had in around 6 months…

- Never believe photos on a hotel website.  Standard room photos generally look okay, but in ‘the flesh’ they can be reminiscent of a prison cell – small, stark and with no room to actually lay down a suitcase.

- Complaining really does help in getting an upgrade at a bargain rate.  Especially if you’re 7 months pregnant and looking slightly tearful.

- Having a tummy upset at 7 months pregnant is not fun at all.   Especially when it comes hand in hand with regular contraction-like cramping.

- Your unborn baby will not care a jot that you are in pain from a tummy upset and won’t even notice.  I have this on good authority from the lady who monitored mine for half an hour whilst I was in agony.

- Apparently at 32 weeks, ‘quads’ are considered full-term.  Jeez.  I pity anyone carrying 4 babies around!

- My unborn child has an enormous head.  This was reported by a lovely sonographer yesterday who told us that the size of it only just brings it inside the boundary of ‘normal’ sized.  Excellent.   I think I may be considering being too posh to push….

- It is a sobering thought to think I have two plastic storage boxes in my spare room.  One is entirely devoted to 'bum' stuff - nappies, wipes etc. And one is devoted to 'boob' stuff - bottles, nipple shields, expressing contraptions and other such glamourous products. God, I miss proper shopping.... shoes, clothes and make-up

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