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Monday, 26 March 2012

Justified grumblings?

I won't lie, I've always been a bit of a grumbler but I am getting more so as I get older and more pregnant.  Here are just a selection of my irritants from the last week week...

1) Today the Telegraph online reported that Connie Huq and Charlie Brooker had named their new baby Covey.  Nope not exactly news that will help me to get through my day but then it was in the 'celebrity news' section and so not really infringing on column inches reserved for world politics.  It was a nice story to read - two people from the telly/media have had a baby and have given it a name slightly more interesting than John or Jack.  Not perhaps a name I would have chosen but then it's not my baby and none of my business really.  So why do people feel the need to log onto the site and comment [quite bitterly and hurtfully] firstly on 'who the hell these people are' - one being quite a successful satirical writer and journalist and the other a fairly well-known TV celeb but lesser-known writer - and then cast scorn and disgust on their choice of baby name?   Lord alive, do people really have that little to think about in their lives or fill their days?  Or is it just too fashionable to be an internet troll right now?   
If you think celebrity news is too trivial to bother you then don't read it.  Easy solution.

2) Lady on train.  I'm sorry you are ill, but the fact you can barely stand, have solidly coughed and sneezed for 25 minutes straight and look awful suggests that this has not come on since lunchtime.  Why did you go to work and insist on trying to infect everyone on South Eastern trains? Yes, I am sitting here covering my mouth because the last time I had a cold (when only 14 weeks pregnant) it lasted over 3 weeks and was vile as I couldn't take any medication.  Please accept you're ill and stay at home!

3) Man on tube.  I know you saw me.  I know you saw my enormous, almost 8 month bump, and I know you chose to then look me in the eye and look back at your paper as I stood directly in front of you trying not pass out on the packed District Line train.  I'm sure your wife would be really proud.

4) Lady tutting behind me at Embankment station as I walked up the stairs.  I'm so sorry that I was 'blocking your way' when you clearly needed to get up the stairs faster than I was allowing you.  I'm afraid the extra 2 stone I'm carrying in a rather inconvenient place tends to prevent me from taking the steps two at a time.  Oh and the fact the other side of the steps was completely clear makes me wonder why you didn't take that route if your exit was so urgent?

5)  Virgin Media.  You irritate me generally.   You're incompetent, slow, useless and you lie.  Anyone in my office who has heard me trying to get my phone line fixed will know that I am close to breaking point. I don't think it's too much to ask to get them to fix it seeing as it's been pretty rubbish for almost 10 months now....

6) Olympic-sized moaners.  Some people just moan about the Olympics for something to do.  You are boring me now.  Get over it. And as for the flak Stella McCartney is getting about the new kit - Jeez!! 
Do the athletes like it? YES! 
Is it fit for purpose? YES 
Is it recognisable as our national flag and obvious it's a team GB kit?  YES
Then what is the problem?  Get a life. 

7) Budget moaners.  Are you blissfully unaware of the mess this country is in financially? There is no easy solution - I'm sure if there was then Greece would already be doing it and we would be following suit very quickly.  There were some things I liked in the budget and some things I didn't.  I will be better off for a while and then worse off very soon afterwards.  It's not great but then life isn't fair.  I imagine that most people are the same.  There is no perfect solution and unfortunately we are all just going to have to ride it out.  I know that The Opposition have been quick to cast scorn and derision on some of the policies however I note that none of them have suggested some better alternatives... they simply waste their breath on telling the Tories what a crap job they are doing.  I have no respect for any politician, from any side of any fence who just attack opposing policies.  Get an opinion, get policies and get arguments to back them up.  Then I'll be interested and have more time for you all.

I think that's probably enough for now....:o)

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