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Friday, 9 March 2012

Something I just had to share.... a very misguided Gina Ford?

I found this blog by accident and this happened to be the first article.  I hope the Mostly Yummy Mummy won't mind me sharing it here.  I'm still in shock to be honest.  You can read the whole post here at  mostlyyummymummy

In a nutshell, it's her little rant over the divorced and childless Gina Ford's declaration that after 4 - 6 weeks from giving birth, us ladies should be ready to get jiggy with our menfolk whether we're in the mood/physically ready/emotionally ready or not.... Nice huh?

From someone who is around 8 weeks from giving birth and is feeling about as sexy as a knitted bog-roll cover and who has watched far too many episodes of 'One born every minute' than is healthy, I'm pretty sure that I won't want to get down and dirty with Husb that quickly.    

I have a lot of friends with children and know that some of them are still struggling to sit comfortably after  a month let alone wiggle around in a sexy fashion.  Jeez, who does that woman think she is?  Well, we know actually; someone who has never given birth or had stitches in places that you really don't want to imagine.

Apparently our poor partners may feel left out in the cold and neglected.... well boo-friggin'-hoo.  If they do, then maybe they should have thought of that before deciding reproduction was a good idea.   Don't misunderstand me, physical contact and emotional closeness is important in every relationship and I'm sure it is very easy to get swept along with the new baby roller coaster and unwittingly push your partner away but that doesn't mean you have to put on a your best Rigby & Peller and lay there thinking of England just to show him you care.  Besides which, your leaking breasts will probably ruin a perfectly good bra, and the sounds of a squawking newborn may not have the same effect on your libido as the dulcet tones of Barry White...

Of course, I may be one of the women who is eager to get back on the horse (as it were) relatively quickly and if I am, whoopee for Husb, but something tells me that he won't want to anyway if he thinks I'm only doing it for show.  And I feel very lucky to have a partner who does have that kind of mindset.  

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