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A first time mum at 39, trying not to let my son kill me off too soon. Busy juggling a new family, a new house and a tricky recording schedule I figured blogging would be less expensive than therapy and less embarrassing than shouting at rude and stupid people in the street/on trains/at the supermarket.

Friday, 16 December 2011


I've just discovered that this blog does get read occasionally.  How bizarre.  I realise that probably was partially the point when I first started it and I know of a couple of girlfriends that do 'tune in' from time to time but I didn't know that this particular person logged on too.  


So now I have to make sure I triple check my spelling and grammar as he's bound to comment on it at some point.  

He's probably bored.  That's what happens when you move house and have a broken ankle.  He likes to fancy himself as a bit of an athlete.  Well sweetie, the only injuries I've ever known you to sustain have been whilst doing something energetic (and I don't mean a strained muscle from stretching to reach the remote control) so this can only strengthen my argument that not all exercise is good for you.

Still, thanks for tuning in.  I'll endeavour to keep you entertained, it just won't be in quite the same way as it was when we were students...I simply can't hold my drink to that extent anymore.

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