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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

It's only taken 19 months but we have finally left our lovely little (cramped) flat and moved into our new house.  I'm still at that stage when i get excited about walking up the drive ... And the stairs (we have stairs!) ... And into the garden.
What i'm not so thrilled about is the mess some people leave their homes in, not to mention what they do to them while they live in them.   Things i have noticed so far...

1) the tight buggers took every curtain pole with them when they moved . £300k for a house and you don't even get anywhere to hang your feckin' curtains.

2) there are no drawers in the kitchen. Not one. Where does one put the cutlery ? Or all the spare keys to which the locks they fit are a mystery? Surely every home needs a 'man-drawer'?
Actually, I found one drawer ... In the dining room. Bit of a pain to get stuff quickly if you have to go to another room.

3) the cooker was installed illegally....from a health & safety perspective. As they took the cooker with them, we discovered this when ours was delivered and the chaps wouldn't install it as the points were not on the right place. Day 7 of ping meals/soup/takeaway looms.

4) all the radiators are in odd places meaning they don't really do the job they were designed to!

5) why is there a howling wind coming from the understairs cupboard?  I have looked in said cupboard and cannot find any holes, gaps or wind machines. 

6) why would one design their bathroom with a sink so large is hangs over into the bath?

6a) why would one design their bathroom with a large window next to the shower so that one can wave to bus passengers whilst performing their ablutions?  Plus if means you have to wipe away the flood of shower water from the window sill after every use.

7) why are there dimmer switches on every light except the dining room?  Perhaps the one room that might benefit from some soft lighting occasionally.

8) the kitchen cupboards are so high up that even when using steps I can barely reach the top shelf.  I met the previous owners - they were not that tall.

9) They took the loft hook with them too (you know, that bit of curved metal that you use to pull down the hatch and ladder).  Why!?? 

I'm sure I could thing of other foibles in the place but it will make me sound like a Moaning Myrtle  and really I love being in the new house.  Now all i need is a reasonable lottery win so that I can 'make it my own'... in the words of Pete Waterman.

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