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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year, new start.

New year, new start.

A lot has happened since my last post when I went off on one about my recently diagnosed overactive thyroid.  It seems I didn't have that.  And it seems I could get pregnant.

I have Hashimotos which means my thyroid swings from overactive to underactive a lot. By the time I met with the consultant it had gone to underactive and I was also pregnant. Less than a month after being told it's unlikely I would get pregnant, I found out I was.

Great news, except I'd stopped taking the folic acid and had been having a rather nice time eating and drinking (especially drinking) things I shouldn't have been whilst on holiday.   Unfortunately the great news was relatively short-lived as, after not being treated for Hashimotos until I was almost 9 weeks pregnant, I sadly lost the baby 2 weeks after treatment started.  Conversations with my consultant indicate that my condition and lack of treatment in the early stages was almost certainly the cause of the miscarriage.  Not brilliant news but at least it helps to draw a line under things and accept there was nothing I could have done.

I won't lie, I still have a few wobbles, but I'm quite pragmatic about these things.  If there was a problem I would rather know early in a pregnancy rather than 20 weeks down the line (or worse), I can't imagine what that must be like -  losing at 11 weeks was horrendous physically and emotionally draining.

With various other things going on at the end of the year too, I'm glad that Christmas helped to serve us all into getting back to happier times.  So with the new year in full swing I'm determined that 2015 is going to be a much better year in almost every way.

I probably won't get much thinner and certainly won't get any taller but I will be calmer and more peaceful.  I'm not making resolutions as such but I am determined to accept the things I cannot change and be thankful for the things I have (and just occasionally sing and dance like nobody is watching!).

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