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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mummy Crushes

Having never been a stranger to 'weird crushes', I was interested to see who the latest mum crushes are. According to notanothermummyblog.com this is the list 

5 - Aled Jones.   REEEEEEEEAAALLLLY????
Maybe it's because I know people who were at college with him, and I can still see him on the telly aged about 11 but I really don't get this one.  He still looks as though he doesn't need to shave. 

4 - Mr Maker (Phil Gallagher from kids tv for those of you lucky enough not to have to watch that crap) 

Again, has he started shaving yet?

3 - Philip Schofield.   Hmmm.  Difficult to say where I stand on that one.  He was cute when I was 16.  When he became all 'silver fox' he awakened many a lady's lustings, but now... well he's just everywhere and to be honest, I'm beginning to find him a little creepy. Sorry Phil.

2 - Alex from CBeebies

Not to be confused with Alex Winter, ie:'the one who is not Keanu' from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure ... who is showing more than a passing resemblance to Michael Bublé right now... 

At least both of these guys have something about them I could find attractive but I'm still not convinced.

and then .... [drum roll please......] onwards to NUMBER 1

1 - Dr Ranj!!   Hooooooooray!  A real man.  Someone who shaves, someone who does mean and moody and someone who can relate to kids too (although that's not high on my list if it's purely a carnal crush.  oh god, what am i saying, this bloke is a kid's TV presenter... but also a real doctor so he does a brain too.  See, I'm not really shallow at all.)

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