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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lucky me

Hmmmmm, that sounds sarcastic doesn't it?  That wasn't the intention (for a change).  I had my second midwife appointment today and ... [drum roll please].... it was WITH THE SAME ONE AS BEFORE! 

It probably sounds odd to be so excited about that, but in the history of me talking to my friends, I don't know anyone who has had the same midwife twice.  Seemingly I will have the same one next time too - she booked me in today in her little diary.

And to top it all off, the appointments are in a rather pleasant children's centre about 2 miles from my flat and exactly halfway between this flat and the (fingers crossed) new house we hope to move to in January.  So I really am not being sarcastic when I say 'lucky me'.

It's all quite real now.  2 midwife appointments, a consultant appointment, 2 scans.... I guess it really does mean I am having a baby... GULP!
Bump is just starting to show.  According to Husb, it doesn't look like podge anymore , it's actually starting to stick out and it's firmer now.  Double gulp.

What is very nice is that fact I haven't actually put on any weight in the last 4 or 5 weeks.  That really does deserve a 'lucky me' as I managed to put on around 10lbs in the first 12 weeks - aaarrrrggghhhhh!  I think this was mainly due to me requiring solid carbs and mainly mashed potato for almost every meal.  YUM!  But not so yum on my waistline.  It was slightly worrying that every report I read said that my baby weighed around an ounce and I had put on almost a stone.  I was convinced that I would double my weight by May.
Okay, so I can't categorically rule that out, but the signs are better now.  At least now we won't be doing the weekly commute to Yorkshire then I should be able to get some exercise in now too.  Pregnancy yoga all booked for Saturday.  Quite exciting really.  I might be defeating the object though by arranging to have lunch with a friend straight afterwards though.... Oooops!

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